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Based in Central Scotland, Roofing is the family business of K Russell Roofing! We cater to residential and commercial roofing projects of all sizes. Our top priority is ensuring properties are protected with watertight roofs that are fit for purpose.

Our roof repair work is cost-efficient and it is the most effective way to increase the longevity of your existing roof and the components affixed to it.

We take care to use only the highest quality roofing materials and provide all manner of roofing services across Scotland’s Central Belt.

From asphalt roof, to flat roofs, apex roofs with traditional slate tiles to complete chimney rebuilds, K Russell Roofing as the experience, the expertise, and the trade knowledge to complete every job to the highest of standards for maximum longevity.

Our family take great care to protect your home and work with diligence.

For a professional roofing job, you won’t find a more courteous and professional family-run trade roofing service in Scotland than with K Russell Roofing!

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emergency roof repair

Emergency Roof Repairs​

With proper maintenance, most apex roofs should be able to last 30-years. For that to happen, it needs to be maintained. Our roof maintenance service in Glasgow is perfect for ensuring your roof is primed to hold up to the elements year-round, preventing any water ingress problems, which usually occur when the winds pick up in winter dislodging malformed tiles. Upon request, we can provide a full roof inspection service/roof survey to advise on any issues in need of repairs.

replacement roofs

New Replacement Roof

A number of roofs in Glasgow haven’t been renewed in decades. The typical lifespan of an asphalt/tile roof is 25 to 30 years. After a few decades, slate and tile roofs tend to shed granules more. Those accumulate in your gutter presenting not one problem but two. Gutters being damaged by the excess weight and a less structurally sound roof.

Our company uses durable materials on all replacement roof projects, guaranteeing thermal efficiency that lowers your energy bills.

Find out more about our new replacement roof services.

flat roof repairs

Flat Roofing Services

Flat roofs are generally found on outbuildings, garages and property extensions, but there are some properties have them too. Lacking the apex structure that pitched roofs have, they are less effective at shedding water, making them more prone to damage.

We are knowledgeable on flat roofs and the different structures such as cold roofs, inverted flat roofs and the common warm roof sandwich that has the insulation below and a waterproof barrier above. Whichever type of property you need a flat roof repair or inspection done in Glasgow we know the fixes to the most challenging of problems.

Find out more about our Glasgow Flat Roof Services.

Gutters & Facias

The gutters around the roof-line of your property serve just as an important role as your roof does. Without the ability to direct rainwater away from your property, there’s a higher risk of soil erosion, giving way to damp problems and compromising the structural integrity of your foundations.

At K Russell Roofing, we take great care to provide the highest level of attention to gutter cleaning, and repairs and we can supply a range of gutters and fascia’s (the part your gutters are affixed to) to provide maximum protection to your property.

Find out more about our Fascia’s, Soffits, and Gutters (FSG) Services.

Chimney Repairs & Maintenence

Chimneys need to be maintained whether they're in use or decommissioned. We can provide chimney capping services, mortar crown repairs, flue repairs, damper repairs and provide chimney flue relining services in Glasgow.

Find out more about chimney repairs, and chimney replacement services.

roof slates

Slate Roofing

Despite being the most hard-wearing of roof materials, slate roofs do deteriorate. It’s not always the slate though. Sometimes, it’s the supporting structures such as woodworm on timber beams, corroded nails that’s led to wind lift, which is just one type of mechanical damage that can occur on slate roofs.

If you’re experiencing problems with a slate roof, call us to arrange an inspection and we’ll advise on areas of concerns and recommend repairs or replacements where applicable.

Find out more about our Slate Roofing Repairs.

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