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If you own your home, or any property for that matter, you really need to know a qualified roofer. Newton Mearns homeowners and property managers should get to know about us and our service before the signs of water ingress appear on an upstairs ceiling. The difference between replacing a damaged tile yourself and a professional, competent roofer doing it is the pro will inspect for the root cause of the damage to prevent a similar repair, or worse, being needed in the future.

If your roof fails, do you know what to do? Don’t panic but do call a professional roofer. Newton Mearns is within our coverage area and since we’re local, we can provide local residents with an emergency roof repair service.

The Types of Roof Repairs in Livingston We Provide

As an experienced roofing contractor service, we have a wealth of experience in all manner of roofing repairs, however given the climate and common property types in Newton Mearns, some repairs are far more common than others.

Flat roof repairs

Flat roof repairs are something of a regular occurrence mainly because of their popularity. It’s the most affordable new roof installation type making it preferable for new garage builds and home extensions including on some conservatories and garden rooms. Customers (usually) know that the lifespan of a flat roof won’t be as long as a pitched roof, but it still should last for the best part of 15 years. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Even after five years or so, pooling can start to happen, which puts excess weight on the roof. It may be that the slope isn’t angled enough or another aspect of the roofing system, such as the guttering or downpipes may need repairs done.

Pitched roof repairs

On pitched roofs, the most pressing problems are damaged tiles or replacing tiles that’s been blown off the building during a storm. The majority of buildings in Newton Mearns can cope with a couple of damaged tiles, but when there’s more than a few, there’s a real risk of water leaking into the property. It’s crucial to catch water ingress before it seeps through the timber joists and reaches your ceilings. By the time water has made its way through a roof and the supporting structural beams, there’s likely to be a lot more water damage that you aren’t seeing. Tiles and slates are most often damaged when there’s severe weather so it’s a good idea to take a look at your roof after a storm, whether it’s been wind or heavy snowfall to see if there’s any missing or damaged tiles or slates. Having a professional roofer do the repair has the distinct advantage of the rest of the roof being inspected by someone with the knowledge of roofing systems and critical points of failure such as corroded nails that can be diagnosed and repaired before any further damage occurs.

Guttering and downpipe repairs and maintenance

The guttering and downpipes that surround your roof are lifelines as it’s those parts that keep water from accumulating on your roof. Any blockages will put excess strain on the entire roof structure, which can lead to bowing, sagging and the ultimate failure of your whole roof. The good news is there’s not much maintenance needed. Mostly, it’s about clearing debris from the gutters, but there are some things a roofer can do to make maintaining your gutters and downpipes easier, such as installing wire guards to prevent fallen leaves accumulating. These can be game changers for properties with a large tree overhang that results in a lot more garden debris landing on the roof than you’d typically expect.

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