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As a property owner, a professional contact you definitely ought to have in your contact list is a roofer. Edinburgh homeowners should make that call us. We’re a local business with years of experience providing emergency roofing repairs in times of crisis! Don’t let a cracked tile be the downfall of your roof. We provide a fast, efficient and top notch roof repair service across Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

The Types of Roofing Repairs Edinburgh Properties Typically Require

Some jobs may seem like a huge issue to a homeowner when in reality, an Edinburgh roofer deals with the same problem frequently. They’re not always a major issue and rarely require a new roof installation, unless the property hasn’t been maintained well for years! In Edinburgh, that’s a rarity as most roofs are in fairly good shape.

Gutters and downpipes

These are the most basic elements of your entire roofing system but the importance of them are too often overlooked. When these get clogged, water pools and that puts excess weight on the roof. At minimum, gutters and downpipes should be inspected once per year and the debris cleared before winter comes around to get rid of leaves and other debris that’s either fell from nearby trees or been blown into the guttering system.

Tiles and slate repairs and replacement

Some repairs are easy for a roofer to spot. Others can’t be seen without getting up on the roof and looking for them. Signs we look for with inspections are to see if any tiles have slipped and cracked, signs of slates/tiles becoming porous, which the majority of roof tiles in the UK can as a lot are made with porous materials with a water-proof coating applied over it. That coating wears over time, which can result in water ingress. Additionally, nails can become corroded putting tiles at risk of dislodging and moss and plants are always going to pose a risk because of the increased weight. Tiles and slates can be replaced fairly easily, but a knowledgeable roofer won’t be satisfied with the bare minimum, which is why when we repair or replace damaged tiles, we inspect the surrounding area to identify why the damage occured. Repairing “nail sickness” can save more tiles loosening in the future.

Flashing repairs and chimney pointing

Edinburgh roofs with chimneys usually have aluminium flashing or a similar material applied where the chimney meets the roof. It’s the flashing that seals the chimney protecting it against water leaking into the property. Even a minor flashing failure can cause serious damage to the structural integrity of properties. Faulty flashing is an affordable repair but it’s not something you’ll know about unless you go looking for it. It’s one of those out-of-sight, out-of-mind aspects of your roof. You only find out there’s flashing damage when you start to see blistering on your interior paintwork. Never a good sign! Regular roof inspections and maintenance can help spot the signs early.

Flat roof repairs

Flat roofs are common across Edinburgh because they’re cheaper to install, involve less risk, less labour, and there’s fewer materials needed to install one. The huge drawback is the increased maintenance needed because unlike a pitched roof, it’s trickier to channel water run-off. Ponding is the most common callout a roofer gets for flat roof problems and the number one reason that causes it is the installation having the wrong fall gradient. Despite being a flat roof, it needs to be installed with at least a 1:40 slope to allow for water to run off the roof into the guttering and downpipes. Problems set in when the slope is less than 1:80.

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