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Do you need a roofer? East Kilbride is on our doorstep and we can provide you with an emergency roof repair service, and/or install new roofs of any type, anywhere in East Kilbride and the surrounding areas. We have a wealth of experience providing all types of roof repair services including flat and pitched roofs.

The Most Common Roof Repairs on East Kilbride Properties

Chimney flashing and repointing

Homes with chimneys require a little more maintenance than those without because surrounding the chimney is flashing, which is essentially weather stripping. It’s usually aluminium and depending on the amount of wear, it may be possible to reseal it or in the case of old flashing that’s deteriorated with age, it may need to be replaced.

Asides from the flashing, the mortar on chimney stacks has to endure a lot more than the cement used on the rest of the roof. As such, it’s prone to cracks and those gaps need to be filled in by a professional roofer and finished with a weatherproof sealant to ensure it’s as long-lasting and as sturdy as it can be. As a general rule of thumb, the flashing around chimneys tend to last up to 30-years and repointing can last up to 25-years. On older properties across East Kilbride, the chimneys often haven’t had much maintenance done for years.

Tell-tale signs that your chimney needs work is seeing damp patches on your interior walls where the chimney is, discoloured brickwork or plaster, or water stains on ceilings and the walls adjoining the chimney. In serious cases of chimney damage, water ingress will be apparent and can be as obvious as hearing the constant dripping of water every time it rains. If that happens, you will need to call a roofer to prevent structural damage to your property.

Guttering and downpipe maintenance and repairs

Without the guttering and downpipes functioning properly, water can pool on the roof unable to run off. In instances where rainwater can run-off the roof rather than pool, it will pour down your building in any direction, which can lead to damp and other structural problems related to the building foundations due to improper drainage. For the most part, gutters and downpipes are straightforward to maintain, only requiring clearance work done once to twice per year. On occasion though, damage can happen such as the PVC cracking as a result of freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall or a loose tile slamming into the guttering.

Whether your guttering and downpipes are blocked or physically damaged, it’s imperative to have a roofer provide a repair as soon as possible to avoid compromising the structural integrity of a building, whether that’s the roof of the property from the increased rain, or the foundations from the increased water where there’s insufficient ground drainage.

Flat roof repairs

Across East Kilbride, a number of homeowners have taken advantage of the cheaper price for a new flat roof installation. It is the most affordable type of new roof but the trade-off is that they are not as long-lasting as a pitched roof. These are mostly used on the roofs for home extensions, garages and garden buildings. Depending on the materials used for a flat roof, repairs could be as simple as adhesive patches or in the case of asphalt flat roofs, caulk or bitumen could be used to reseal the roof.

Standing water on flat roofs are the most common reason for them failing so if you start to see water pooling on a flat roof, it’s best to call a roofer to arrange an inspection to find out what needs done to rectify the problem. When maintained correctly, a flat roof can last for 15-years, sometimes longer. If you have an aged flat roof, it may be more affordable to have a new flat roof installed to provide better protection.

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