Maintenance and Roof Repairs

Did you know that the right roof maintenance can increase the lifespan of a roof by as much as 50%? Without periodic inspections and minor repairs, a roof could need replacing every 15 to 20 years.

K Russell Roofing can provide inspections and minor repairs to ensure your roof lasts at least 30-years. It’s far more cost effective to have a Glasgow roofer inspect for imperfections, perform remedial work where required to prevent minor problems escalating.

A roof can be leaking for months before you notice the damage indoors. By that time, structural timber joists and other crucial elements of your home could have some serious damage with long-lasting implications.

If your roof is looking worse for wear, or you just want peace of mind that your roof is winter-ready, get in contact with us.

Types of Remedial Roof Repairs

Remedial roof repairs can be considered any minor roof repair that’s required to prevent further damage. This is often a localised repair, such as loose tiling on one side of a building after a storm, or guttering coming away from the roof, or some flashing in need of a repair job. 


The purpose of all the small jobs is to extend the life of a roof. Any roof that’s under 30-years old should benefit from remedial work to prevent a new replacement roof being required. Those should only be needed in circumstances when the roof is beyond repair, or it needs entirely stripped back for structural repairs in the event the roof has fell into disrepair. 


When you need any type of roof repair or maintenance work done on your roof, call on K Russell Roofing

Guttering and Downspouts

Just as important as your roof are the components affixed to it to direct rainwater away from your property. The guttering system is your first protection and attached to that is the downspout. Without either working as they should, water will just amass on the roof, increase the stress along the gutter system and the downspout should be letting rainwater pour down from the gutters in a controlled manner, rather than splashing down your walls from any gaps along the roof-line. 

Rainwater isn’t only a problem when it starts seeping into your property. It can be problematic if it isn’t directed away from your building efficiently. 

Your roofs guttering system is a crucial component that directs the flow of rainwater. The most usual culprit for roof damage is the inability for water to flow freely along the gutters and down the downspout. A blockage, such as excess debris or a bird’s nest in your gutter will cause the water to collect. Eventually, the rainwater won’t be able to escape the roof, moisture will build up and put undue stress on the underlay that’s under the tiles, but more importantly, the increased moisture lays the foundations for mould, mildew and moss to grow, which puts even more weight stress on your roof. 

Have K Russell Roofing inspect your roof and provide effective remedial work to extend the lifespan of your roof.

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