FSG Repairs and Renewals: Fascia’s, Soffits and Gutter Repair

The fascia, soffits and the gutters make up the trinity of your roof system.


  • The fascia is the long board that runs along the lower edge of your roof-line. 
  • Soffits aren’t on all roofs. Only roofs with an overhang have these. 
  • The gutters are on all roofs and it’s these that most people are familiar with. It’s the drainage system to direct rainwater to the downspout and away from your property. 


Most properties in Glasgow that were built pre-1980s had timber fascia’s installed. Timber needs weather proofing or it will degrade the more it’s exposed to the weather. More modern properties use uPVC fascia’s and soffits as those require less maintenance. A quick clean every year or two is sufficient, whereas, timber fascia’s and soffits require a weathering treatment every year of two. 


If you have timber fascia’s and soffits, we can supply and fit uPVC to replace worn out materials, while making maintenance easier and improving your homes kerb appeal. 

Guttering Repairs in Glasgow

The gutters around the roof line of your property are as exposed to the elements as your roof ridges are and have a much harder job to do too. As such, they need more periodic maintenance. 


Guttering systems consist of various parts, some of which may need replacing. Some of the materials we repair and replace include: 


  • uPVC downpipes
  • Line guttering 
  • Fascia brackets
  • And guttering clips to secure your gutters in place. 


For properties with trees overhanging the property, we can also install leaf guards to protect your gutters from blockages.  


Our Glasgow roofing service is suitable for all types of gutter materials including uPVC, aluminium, copper and cast-iron gutter systems. uPVC gutters are the most common type in Glasgow and should last you 25-years, or more. If you have uPVC and are experiencing some problems, we can provide a repair service for minor holes, and for older gutter systems that are more worn, we can source high quality uPVC gutter systems, or alternative materials as needed. 


As experienced roofers, we can assist on a range of roof repairs on all parts of your gutters. 

The Importance of Your Roof Gutters

It can’t be stressed enough how important your gutters are. When this part of your roof system is compromised, rainwater can’t be diverted away from your home. The result of the excess moisture can lead to damp and mould within the property and erode the soil surrounding your home, making it more susceptible to flooding, which in turn, can lead to structural problems with your building’s foundations. 


Any sign of your gutters failing to perform as they should is best addressed as soon as possible. Cleaning your gutters at least once per year is recommended to prevent debris accumulating to the extent it causes a blockage.


To ensure your gutters are performing as best they can, get in contact with K Russell Roofing

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