Flat Roof Repairs and New Flat Roof Installations

A number of properties in Glasgow have a flat roof. Repairs are often required on these types of roofs after ten or so years. A professional flat roof installation should last you at least 20 years, but after ten or so, degradation is likely and the sooner corrections are made, the more likely it is you’ll get the twenty years lifespan you’d expect.

In situations where you’re experiencing a localised leak, we can provide both temporary and permanent fixes – permanent in roofing terms meaning the longest lasting type of roof repair. No repair will last any longer than a roofs lifespan, which is around 20 years when properly maintained. 

K Russell Roofing provide a range of flat roof repair work in Glasgow.

Flat Roof Repair Work

At K Russell Roofing, we have a broad range of experience working with all varieties of flat roof materials, including for repairing flat roofs, and on new flat roof installations in Glasgow. We only use the best-rated roofing materials and can recommend the most suitable product based on the type of repair you need done.

Options range from traditional roof felt, asphalt roof repairs, remedial work on concrete roofs, GRP roof repairs (sometimes referred to as fiberglass) and EPDM roof fixes, which is your standard rubber roof repair.

Replacement or New Flat Roof Installations in Glasgow

If you have a flat roof that’s seen better days, it may be more cost effective in the long-run to bite the bullet and renew the roof with a new flat roof installation of the same or higher quality roofing materials.

Being Glasgow roofers, we know the weather and keep the inclines closer to a sloping ratio of 1:40, rather than 1:80 to account for the higher amount of rainfall Glasgow experiences. On all our designs, the finished fall is always in line with the Building Standards specific to the materials used. As examples, flat roofs that use asphalt may be installed with a slope of 1:80, whereas aluminium, or zinc roofs should have a minimum finished slope of 1:60 in line with BS6229.

On new builds such as a new garage construction, slopes can be created in the building structure by making the back wall taller than the front. The drawback is that it’s going to leave you with a sloping ceiling. If you want the flat roof but with walls of an equal height and a flat ceiling, we can install sloping soffits with tapered insulation, or using angled firring strips to achieve a sufficient slope for rainwater run-off and also install new guttering, downspouts and fascia’s.

Complete Protection Guaranteed

To ensure the most robust of flat roof repairs and new flat roof installations, we take care to use only the highest rated materials to ensure every job is completed for long-lasting results.

Being local to Glasgow, roofers from K Russell Roofing are all too familiar with the harsh climates Glasgow roofs have to hold up against. We can advise on the best type of roofing materials and in the case of leakages on flat roofs, we can also advise on types of repairs possible based on the cost and the length of time you can expect the repair to hold up for.

Temporary repairs are the cheapest and are suited to emergency roof repairs, which can buy you the time to consider your options, assess the choices and decide whether it’s worth a permanent repair or to have a new flat roof installed.

Whatever type of flat roof work in Glasgow you need done, give K Russell Roofing a call.

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