Ayrshire Roof Repair and Installation

Long Lasting Roofs From Experienced Roofers

For over 20 years we have provided roof repair in Ayrshire and Central Scotland, and through this dedication to our work we have become one of the best roofing companies in Scotland.

We know that when it comes to roof repairs, there is no cutting corners, and pride ourselves on doing a perfect job the first time, every time.

Whether you need a few tiles repaired on your home, or a complete new roof installation, we can help.

Whatever the Weather, We Have You Covered

We all know too well how problematic the Scottish weather can be, and when things go wrong you need emergency roof repair to get your roof problems under control.

Roofs in Ayrshire need to be able to withstand heavy rain, driving snow and high winds at any time off year.

Regular roof repair and maintenance is essential in Scotland and will help prevent roof leaks and other problems that will turn into costly damage to the roof and property.

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Emergency Roof Repairs Ayrshire

Finding the source of leaks & carrying out emergency repair work call us today 01292863028

Ayrshire Roof Repair and Maintenance

Houses in Scotland are generally well built to withstand the elements, but all houses will need some form of maintenance and repair work over the years.

We can undertake all manner of roof work in Ayrshire, like slate replacement, gutter repair, repair to lead work, as well as complete roof overhauls.

Make sure you perform regular roof repairs and maintenance when necessary to avoid much bigger problems developing down the line.

Contact us to find out about our roof maintenance services in Ayrshire and make sure your home is protected from the elements.

Our Approach to Roof Repair In Ayrshire

We approach all of our roof work in Ayrshire with the same care and attention that our customers have come to expect.

Whether you need tile repair, or a complete roof installation, we have the experience and knowledge to get the job done in a timely and professional manner.

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Long-lasting roofing by the experts

Over time roofs can become weak, leaving you no other option but to get a new roof. Contact K Russell Roofing and our experts will make sure to install a high-quality roof for you. If you don’t want a traditional roof, then our flat roofing option will be the right choice for you. From domestic roofing to commercial roof installations, you can come to us with all your roofing queries.

Our Roof Construction Services

In addition to roof replacements and installations, we can also offer other work.

We carry out cement work, roof-window installations, rough casting, felt work, lead work and we will even arrange all the scaffolding for you.

We can repair and install the following types of roofs:

Reliable Roofs For New Buildings

If you are in the process of building or converting a building and need a roof that you can depend on, Krussell Roofing has you covered.

We consider all projects on an individual basis, and make sure that you end up with the best possible roof for your requirement.

We can supply all the materials necessary and professional install your brand-new roof, working in accordance with any timescale requirements you have.

The roof is one of the most important aspects of any build, so make sure you do it right the first time with KRussell Roofing Services.

Roofing Services in Ayrshire


Are you in need of a roofing service in Ayrshire? No matter what type of repair you need, or the type of roof you have, K Russell Roofing do travel throughout the nation including coving Ayrshire Roofing Services.


We have experience providing all types of residential and outbuilding roof repairs as well as commercial facilities with flat roofs and lead work, which is often used on large properties like schools, churches and other public buildings.


Common Roofing Repairs on Ayrshire Properties


  • Slating work

Slate roofs have a lifespan of 80+ years provided they are properly installed and well maintained. Replacement slates may be required after strong gales, however, replacements are not always required as it is possible that the nails securing the slates in place loosen, in which case existing slates don’t need so much a repair, but rather re-installed securely.


  • Roof Felt Work

Our team are highly skilled on installing sturdy roof felt on new builds prior to laying the roof shingles. We can source, supply and fit different strengths of felt, depending on the scope of work. Higher strengths are needed on larger projects where the felt will be exposed to the elements for longer while the roof is being completed.


The purpose of roof felt is to provide a second line of defence against water leaking into properties should the roof become damaged, however, it’s also an important aspect of your home insulation. Our team always take care to use the highest quality materials on all aspects of our roofing services, ensuring a long-lasting result that lasts for decades.


If you’re loft is dry but drafty, it could be your roof isn’t well insulated. We can assist in a variety of roof repairs, inspections and upgrades that help keep your home energy costs down.


  • Chimney Stack Removal

The chimney is a periodic feature in homes but gone are the days of open fires, unless you have a wood burning stove. Modern homes are heated by gas or other fuel types. Removing the chimney stack can be an option for increasing energy efficiency. One study done by the Liverpool university, revealed as much as 40 cubic meters of air go up the chimney every hour. The taller your chimney is, the faster warm air escapes. There are solutions to blocking off chimneys to save energy, and there’s also the choice to remove the stack completely and seal off internal chimney breasts.


The number one reason for needing a chimney stack removal service is when the stack becomes structurally damaged, usually due to gale force winds. A damaged chimney stack can cause water ingress, leading to damp within your home.


If you have any structural damage to any part of your roof on any type of Ayrshire property, get in contact with K Russell Roofing Services.


Additional Roofing Repairs in Ayrshire Our Skilled Roofers Provide

  • Re-pointing work
    Repairs of all materials on the roof and the underlying framework
  • Flat roofs
  • GRP fiberglass roofs
  • New roof installations including re-reroofing
  • Stripping and re-tiling
  • Velux window installations and repair work
  • Work related to your fascias, soffits and the guttering to ensure your property is properly maintained.

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